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Stuff Happens. The Far from Humdrum Life of a Photojournalist

Stuff Happens by Tor Eigeland, stack of books

Publication Date: 3rd March 2022

Price: £30 Hardback

Stuff Happens, hardback and e-book, is available to order online or you can request one direct from Annabel Eigeland.

“Magical, but down-to-earth, a life of adventurous travel wreathed in curiosity and friendliness.  Modestly presented, a wonderful way to experience the world, and full of charm.” 

Kate Adie, former Chief News Correspondent for BBC News

“Fascinating … This charming and vivid memoir recalls surreptitious escapades, dangerous encounters, and more than a good bit of luck.” 

Dennis Dimick, Executive Editor (Ret.) National Geographic

“Tor Eigeland’s book is a tour de force, from a time that feels long ago, by a photographer who had the privilege and intrepid spirit to show us the world. Like his colleagues at National Geographic and the other great picture magazines of that period, globe trotting photojournalists showed us the world as it was.” 

Ed Kashi, multi award winning U.S. photojournalist and filmmaker

In Stuff Happens, Tor Eigeland looks back on a life packed with adventures, starting in 1947 when he set off from his hometown of gray post-war Oslo – aged just 16 – as a deckhand bound for exotic Shanghai.

Tor Eigeland with his book 'Stuff Happens'The book then covers exploits in Canada and Mexico in his 20s before his insatiable desire to see and experience more led him into photojournalism and a world of excitement and delights as well as moments of tension and fear.

Tor Eigeland recalls stories he covered and tells anecdotes with warmth and compassion showing an engaging sense of humor and an ability to connect with an amazing cast of characters and cultures across the world.

Illustrated with over 250 photographs, Stuff Happens shows the power of using an image to tell a story.  “Sometimes, when I get a really good shot, I can feel it, like getting goosebumps,” Tor says.  “How did this happen, I ask myself, how was I so lucky to be here?”

As a freelance photojournalist and writer Tor has contributed to numerous magazines and publications, including ten National Geographic books.

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