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Stuff Happens by Tor Eigeland

Tor Eigeland’s new book – Stuff Happens. The Far from Humdrum Life of a Photojournalist   

“Fascinating … This charming and vivid memoir recalls surreptitious escapades, dangerous encounters, and more than a good bit of luck.” 

Dennis Dimick, Executive Editor (Ret.) National Geographic

In Stuff Happens, Tor Eigeland looks back on a life packed with adventures, starting in 1947 when he set off from his hometown of gray post-war Oslo – aged just 16 – as a deckhand bound for exotic Shanghai.

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Books - The Marsh Arabs of Iraq - All The Lands Were Sea by Tor Eigeland

Rare and visually stunning images of the lost world of the Marsh Arabs

All the Lands Were Sea is a remarkable collection of photographs, captured by internationally acclaimed photojournalist Tor Eigeland in 1967, offers unprecedented insight into the daily life of the Marsh Arabs of Iraq. These photographs illustrate the beauty of this unique environment – the marshlands between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers – and show a culture that existed practically unchanged for over 2,000 years. Some have even speculated that this place was the site of the original Garden of Eden.

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