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The Marsh Arabs of Iraq

As seen in Aramco World Magazine

AramcoIn late 1967 photographer Tor Eigeland traveled, mostly by canoe, among the countless hamlets and small villages of southern Iraq's vast marshlands. Now, 45 year later, writer Anthony Sattin calls his photographs a "rare ethnographic record of a lost world. They bring us back to a time and place when people lived in harmony with their environment and respected the balance the natural world needs to thrive."

This rare material is about to come to life in a book by Eigeland to appear this fall: "THE MARSH ARABS OF IRAQ. When all the Lands were Sea"

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Tor EigelandThis site shows a small selection of photographs and features by Tor Eigeland - a writer and a photographer. 

His work has been published widely and successfully around the world for years. The collection covers a wide range of subject matter including travel, scenics, people, geography, food and drink, luxury foods and handcrafted products from all over the world.

Tor is based in England and is available for assignments anywhere in the world, but considers the Middle East, France and Spain a specialty.

The latest book by Tor Eigeland "When All The Lands Were Sea - A photographic journey into the lives of the Marsh Arabs of Iraq"

Tor is pictured here holding a copy.

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