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Tor Eigeland - Silhouette of Menkaure Pyramid and camel rider at sunset, Giza. W0381

Timeless (15)

Tor Eigeland - Moody Marsh Arab predawn scene

The Marsh Arabs (13)

Tor Eigeland - Goats peering over the edge in the freedom of Spain's Alpujarra mountains. W11505

In Nature (9)

Tor Eigeland - Al-Murrah Bedouins about to dig into the camel meat and rice feast. Saudi Arabia Empty Quarter (Rub al-Khali). W10224

The Empty Quarter (23)

Tor Eigeland - Sierra Tarahumara Indian boy is Juanito. A bit disgruntled in his two hats

World Portraits (13)

Tor Eigeland - Glorious sunset on the Arabian Sea at Salalah, Oman. W1386

Sunsets and Silhouettes (13)

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