Every photo has a story which I’ll be happy to tell.

Silhouette of Menkaure Pyramid and camel rider at sunset, Giza. W0381

Timeless (15)

Moody Marsh Arab predawn scene

The Marsh Arabs (13)

Goats peering over the edge in the freedom of Spain's Alpujarra mountains. W11505

In Nature (9)

Al-Murrah Bedouins about to dig into the camel meat and rice feast. Saudi Arabia Empty Quarter (Rub al-Khali). W10224

The Empty Quarter (23)

Sierra Tarahumara Indian boy is Juanito. A bit disgruntled in his two hats

World Portraits (13)

Glorious sunset on the Arabian Sea at Salalah, Oman. W1386

Sunsets and Silhouettes (13)

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